Dremel 7700 Cordless Rotary Tool Review

Dremel 7700 Cordless Rotary Tool Review

When you need a good rotary tool for small indoor and outdoor tasks, then the Dremel 7700 Cordless Rotary Tool may be something you would like to look into. This tool is designed for any carving, sanding, cutting, polishing and other tasks you may have.

Dremel 7700 Cordless Rotary Tool



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Key Features

  • Removable 7.2-Volt Ni-Cad battery pack lets you use additional packs for continuous use
  • Cordless; runs on 7.2V lithium metal batteries
  • 3-hour charger with LED light shows proper charging
  • Dual speed; 10,000 and 20,000 1/min

Pros prosCons cons
  • Both lightweight and well balanced, it doesn't tire you out quickly
  • At lower speeds, it is very quiet, you will just hear a small hum.
  • Supplied with enough accessories to handle most household tasks.
  • It has tremendous torque so at slower speeds it can nicely grind pets nails.
  • The variable speed allows users greater control with the tasks they are trying to accomplish.
  • The battery life isn't the best, but since it comes with a charger it hasn't been a big issue. Each battery lasts about an hour.

The Dremel 7700 Cordless Rotary Tool is therefore the perfect addition to every tool box, and is one handy device that helps you complete a dozen small tasks around your household.

This one tool can help you grind off too-long bolts for example, or drill a hole, sand edges, cut ceramic tiles and, even carve a wood design. As long as you have the right attachment for it, there is virtually nothing you cannot achieve.

Dremel 7700 Cordless Rotary Tool One of the best things about this rotary tool is its cordless nature. This offers users all of the elbow room they need without ever having to worry about becoming entangled in the tool’s wires.

The 7.2 lithium metal battery that comes with this product provides users with more than enough power to complete all of their tasks easily.

The battery is exchangeable and makes the overall charging process much easier. Charging takes about three hours to complete.You can buy different accessories that go with the Dremel 7700 Cordless Rotary Tool to help you in various jobs.

There are fifteen different attachments you can purchase with this product for all your different tasks.


  • The lightweight and cordless nature of the Dremel 7700 Cordless Rotary Tool is by far one of its best features.
  • This makes the tool incredibly easy to use and bring around. The charging process is very easy as well.
  • The variable speed allows users greater control over the product and the tasks they are trying to accomplish. This tool is user friendly as well.


Some users have commented that the switch-speed button started becoming loose and malfunctioning after a few uses.

Customer Reviews

The majority of users are satisfied with the Dremel 7700 Cordless Rotary Tool and how it functions. The product is user-friendly, light, and cordless – all great features to find in a handy rotary tool. Some complaints have been made over malfunctioning parts and attachments of this product, but this may be due to a shipping error or factory defect and can therefore be replaced.

“I bought this dremel after my dog trainer used hers on my puppies nails. Before I had used a regular dog nail trimmer on her nails and they were still kinda long and extremely sharp. My dog trainer used the dremel on my 13 week old puppies nails and after only a few minutes my puppy just laid in her arms and actually began to fall asleep while her nails were being done.

When they were finished they were SO short and smooth. The dremel did NOT cause her to bleed or cause her any pain once so ever. I decided to buy one for myself and used it on my 2 LARGE dogs myself and it did great! SUPER pleased with how the dremel did and how my dogs nails look now vs with the nail trimmer!”

Tara, Amazon Customer Review

“I don’t like spending time in nail salon’s, so I do my own. My previous Dremel battery died and can’t be replaced as I have had it for approx 15 years. Love the new one and still able to use my old attachments for the new one. Would recommend this product and seller for future purchases. Fast shipping and great pricing”

Kathy, Amazon Customer Review

The Dremel 7700 has been reviewed by 1515 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.3 out of 5.0. Click here for the latest reviews and rating on Amazon



The Dremel 7700 is therefore perfect for anybody looking for a cordless rotary tool where they don’t have to worry about being restricted by a power cord. Click here for the latest reviews and rating on Amazon

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