Genesis GLHT72-65 Rotary Tool Review

Genesis GLHT72-65 Rotary Tool Review

The Genesis GLHT72-65 Rotary Tool is perfect choice for everyone who needs to cut, sand, carve or clean something around the house. It is very light, easy to use and comes with many different accessories that allow you to work on a number of projects.

Genesis GLHT72-65 Rotary Tool



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Key Features

  • It features a 7.2V Lithium-Ion Battery that makes it more powerful and provides extended usage
  • The battery power indicator lets you now when it is time to recharge
  • It has a spindle lock that makes the change of accessories fairly easy
  • The speed can be adjusted between 8,000 and 18,000 RPM
  • The built-in LED light makes it ideal for working at night or in areas that are poorly lit
  • The package includes a docking charger and an adapter
  • The set has 65 additional accessories

The Genesis GLHT72-65 Rotary Tool allows you to cut, sand, carve or clean versatile items and complete your projects in a matter of minutes. The small size and the light weight make it a perfect tool for those who are not very experienced in this field.

The GLHT72-65 works on a Lithium-Ion Battery so you won’t have to deal with any cords or extensions. Once it is almost time to recharge the battery power indicator will make sure you know about it. The docking charger is included in the package so charging is never an issue.

Genesis GLHT72-65 Rotary ToolIn addition to the power light, it features a built in LED light which enables you to use the tool even at night. The speed can be adjusted, depending on the work you do, ranging from 8,000 to 18,000 RPM. In the package you will also receive 65 additional accessories so you can meet every challenge that comes in your way.


  • The Genesis GLHT72-65 Rotary Tool is small, light and simple device that will change your perception of the home-use devices.
  • It features a high quality battery that makes this unit very powerful and enables it to work longer period of times.
  • The power light indicates when it is time to place the device onto the charging dock that comes included in the package.
  • With the LED light you can illuminate the working area and work in any time of the day.
  • The speed can be adjusted and the set of 65 accessories helps you deal with any material or task.


Some customers have complained that the delivered device was not working properly. Check the device once you purchase it and if it is not working contact the company.

Customer Reviews

Most users are happy with the performance of the Genesis GLHT72-65 Rotary Tool. They appreciate the convenient design, especially the light weight and the simple functions. The LED light is perfect for working late and the power indicator makes sure you don’t leave work half done.

This little tool is quite amazing. And for the price it is a steal. I am now sharpening all my pruning shears, scissors, knives and on and on and I am a gal. Got tired of always trying to find a guy to do this for me. It is simple, and oh so fast. Wish I had known there was a little tool like this sooner

Toni Talks, Amazon Customer Review

The Genesis GLHT72 fulfills my needs when I am working on my craft projects. It is light weight, multi-speed and comes with a variety of accessories. It seems to hold a charge well. Very easy to change from drill to sanding drum to carving tool. You can use Dremel bits or any small drill bits. I would recommend this to crafters, gourd artists, etc.

Mary E Murphy, Amazon Customer Review

My husband uses this tool almost everyday for his model building. Its compact but has a lot of power. Hasn’t touched his dremel since I bought this for him. Great price and high quality.

Wendy Reno, Amazon Customer Review

The Genesis GLHT72 has been reviewed by 205 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer score of 3.5 out of 5.0. Click here for the latest reviews and rating on Amazon



This affordable tool is perfect for people who are creative and prefer to spend their time working around the house. It is very simple, adjustable and can help you finish different tasks using only one tool. Click here for the latest reviews and rating on Amazon

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