SE PT9.6 Cordless Rotary Tool Review

SE PT9.6 Cordless Rotary Tool Review

The SE PT9.6 Cordless Rotary Tool is one of the best home-use devices available at a low cost. This versatile tool allows you to cut, polish, engrave, sand, and shape many different types of materials.

With this tool you can work on plastic, glass, metal or wood and finish the tiny projects you have around the house.

SE PT9.6 Cordless Rotary Tool



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Key Features

  • Ability to change the speed depending on the work you do
  • This is a cordless tool that allows you to move around, hassle free
  • The tool comes with a charging dock
  • It features a hanging loop on the back of the device that makes it easy to store
  • ½-inch x ½-inch sanding sleeves
  • It contains a rubber mandrel
  • It has a chuck key

The SE PT9.6 Cordless Rotary Tool is a versatile device that can help you finish your household chores. It has a very simple design which makes it very easy to use, even if you don’t have previous experience with this type of work.

Depending on the work you do you can adjust the speed and finish everything within minutes. With this rotary tool you can cut, polish, engrave, sand, and shape different materials, such as plastic, glass, metal or wood and get the job done only by using one device.SE PT9.6 Cordless Rotary Tool

One of the best features is that this is a cordless device, so once you charge it onto the charging dock that comes included in the package you can use it fairly easy. It has a rubber mandrel so it won’t slip and on the back of the tool there is a hanging loop that enables you to store it in accessible place, so you will always know where to find it.


  • The SE PT9.6 Cordless Rotary Tool is very affordable, yet versatile device.
  • It can be used for many different actions such as can cutting, polishing, engraving, sanding, and shaping items made of plastic, glass, metal or wood.
  • It is very light and simple to use with one chunk key to turn the device on/off and a button to control the speed.
  • It features a rubber mandrel so it won’t slip and has a hanging loop for easy storage.
  • The device is powered by the charging dock and once fully charged this cordless tool gives you flexibility and allows you to move around the house.


Some customers have complained about the battery life.

 SE PT9.6 Rotary Tool Customer Reviews

The overall impression of the people who have used this device is that it gives great value for the cost. It is very versatile, provides different functions and it can operate on many types of materials.

The tool features only two buttons which makes it easy to use even for those who lack experience in working with such devices. It is cordless, thus flexible, and can be bought at a very low cost.

I wanted a small, lightweight rotary tool to use when working on my miniatures, specifically for relatively light work, such as sanding and finish work. This little tool is a dandy. It meets my needs completely, and then some.

As I’ve only had it a few weeks, I cannot attest to its durability over time, but at this point it is much more versatile and powerful than I expected for a cordless tool. It is quick and convenient, ready to be pulled out of the drawer for that minor adjustment or even some more extensive refinement. It has exceeded my expectations.

Sheila, Amazon Customer Review

Incredible value. I bought this because my Dremel Mini Mite battery needed replacement at a cost of $19. I figured I would take a chance on this item as it was less than half the cost of a battery. It arrived in two days and it is not only sturdy, but is variable speed vs the two speeds of the minimite. I am very pleased with this item!!

Kath, Amazon Customer Review

Works great on dog and human nails. My dog fights having her nails clipped but she did not fight this device. I did have to put a few wraps of clear tape around the sanding wheel so the sanding belt would have a snug fit of the sanding wheel otherwise the belt slips off the wheel.

William Baehr, Amazon Customer Review

The SE PT9.6 Rotary Tool has been reviewed by 286 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer score of 3.9 out of 5.0. Click here for the latest reviews and rating on Amazon



The SE PT9.6 Cordless Rotary Tool enables you to perform different operations using only one device. It is affordable and easy to use which makes it a great addition to your tool kit. Click here for the latest reviews and rating on Amazon

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